The human factor when boating with Al McGlashan

In this Club Marine TV video Al McGlashan highlights some areas of boating risk including the human factor. Being aware of the situation around you, clear decision making and good communication are key areas to focus on when reducing risk.
Al McGlashan: One of the biggest issues with boating or boating accidents, the human factor. Whether you like it or not we make mistakes, but by understanding that human factor we can minimize it. Situational awareness. You need to know what's going on around you and be able to respond to it. We got a boat going through there and we've got a couple a boats coming here. The winds pushing us along. The current's going another way. They're all factors that are involved. Be aware of them all.

Communication or should I say poor communication is a massive issue. If you're pulling up to a wharf? You need to tell your crew what's going on at all times and make sure they understand. If they go on their own? You're in trouble. Decision making. Now that is a priority. As a skipper, you need to be decisive because it doesn't just affect you but it's the whole crew.

And after a hard day's fishing, fatigue and stress will always play a role as well. So don't let them wreck a good day on the water. When it comes to boating, there's always risk but understanding that human factor, that will make it a safer day.

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