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As Australia's leading pleasure craft insurance provider, with over 50 years experience, Club Marine offers boat owners and their families an integrated range of insurance solutions designed to protect their boating lifestyle and maximise their enjoyment on the water.

Club Marine is always there for the Australian boat owner, regardless of whether they own a tinnie or a super yacht. We believe boating should be easy, fun and safe for everyone. That’s why we are committed to helping take the worry, hard work and risk out of boating.

Insuring your boat with Club Marine entitles you to access a range of complimentary and exclusive membership benefits, including our Club Marine Assist Service.

In partnership with Allianz Global Assistance, a global provider of roadside assistance services, Club Marine Assist allows members to contact Club Marine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Club Marine Assist offers members advice, assistance, directions and the kind of personal service that is unique in the Australian recreational boating market.

Club Marine Assist offers the following services:

Member Assist

You can contact Club Marine Assist 24/7 by telephone for help, advice, assistance, directions and services.

Service Centres

We'll help you locate the nearest service provider based on the type of boat and type of service your require. You can also use our online Service Provider Locator.

Tide times and weather reports

We’ll provide you with tidal and weather information as published by the Bureau of Meteorology and other public websites.

Volunteer Marine Rescue organisations

We’ll provide you with contact details and locations for your local volunteer marine rescue or coastal patrol organisation. (You are responsible for the cost of all services provided by third parties.)

Marina locations and services

We’ll provide you with information about nearby marinas and safe harbour locations.

Personal Assist

If things go wrong on land or at sea and you need help or advice, Club Marine is there 24 hours a day to offer assistance with:

Rental vehicle or accommodation

If, due to mechanical breakdown, your boat is immobilised at sea more than 200km from your point of departure and you are returned to an alternative port; a rental vehicle or alternative transport, to the value of $200 will be provided for up to 2 days (incl. GST, charges in excess of this limit are your responsibility).
We will provide you and your passengers accommodation for one night ( room only) at an alternative port to a limit of $250 (incl. GST, charges in excess of this limit are your responsibility).

Medical advice

Emergency medical advice by means of referral is available to you and family members travelling on your boat.

Property services

We’ll provide referral for boat maintenance issues including after break-ins, storm damage, emergency plumbing or electrical failures (all costs for services provided by third parties are your responsibility).

Vehicle Assist

Club Marine Assist offers comprehensive roadside assistance for your car when you are towing your boat, or travelling to or from your boat at its mooring or storage location (terms and conditions apply).

Flat or faulty batteries

We will jump start the vehicle or co-ordinate a battery replacement for you where necessary (you are responsible for the cost of a replacement battery). We will also help coordinate a battery replacement on your boat (all costs are your responsibility).

Flat tyres/damaged wheel

We will either change your flat tyre using the vehicle’s serviceable spare wheel or take the vehicle to an approved tyre outlet.

Vehicle towing

If your vehicle is immobilised due to mechanical failure, we will tow it to the closest Club Marine approved repairer or closest place of repair. Towing costs are covered to the value of $400 (incl. GST, charges in excess of this limit are your responsibility).

Replacement of lost keys and Emergency vehicle access

If the keys to your vehicle or boat have been locked inside the boat or vehicle, or lost while the boat is trailered or securely moored, we will provide emergency assistance that is reasonable in the circumstances, inc:

  • (a) locating and delivering a spare key; or
  • (b) arranging to retrieve a spare key.

Note: where there is no other alternative but to gain access, we will only attempt to gain access after obtaining written consent from you, the customer. In such circumstances, we will not be responsible for any damage caused in order to access the vehicle.

A limit of $100 (incl. GST) applies to this benefit. All additional costs are your responsibility.

Emergency Fuel – Petrol/Diesel

We’ll provide sufficient fuel to your vehicle for you or your driver to reach the nearest available re-fuelling facility. In the case of LPG-fuelled vehicles, we will tow the vehicle to the nearest re-fuelling facility. The delivery and cost of fuel is free where an emergency re-fuel occurs within a capital city or major regional town (all costs incurred outside these areas are your responsibility).

This service does not apply to boats.

Accident coordination and Claims notification

In the unfortunate event of an accident involving your boat and/or trailer, we’ll coordinate assistance via towing (at your cost). We’ll also provide accident coordination and initiate processing of your boat insurance claim (if applicable).

Trailer Assist

Club Marine Assist provides you with a range of helpful services if your trailer lets you down.

  • We’ll change your tyre (when you have a road-worthy spare) or arrange for a tow to the nearest tyre outlet (see Vehicle Towing - Vehicle Assist section).
  • We’ll undertake minor mechanical repairs such as lightbulb and fuse replacement.
  • We’ll organise emergency towing.
  • We’ll refer you to Club Marine authorised repairers if the need should arise.

Trailer Towing

We’ll tow your trailer (when immobilised due to a mechanical failure) to the closest Club Marine approved repairer or closest place of repair. Towing costs are covered to the value of $400 (incl. GST, charges in excess of this limit are your responsibility).

Combination Towing (Car + Trailer)

Combined towing costs are covered to the value of $800 (incl. GST charges in excess of this limit are your responsibility).

If your trailer requires towing but the vehicle is driveable, the limit is $400 (incl. GST). If the vehicle requires towing – vehicle + trailer combination, tow to the value of $800 (incl. GST).

Trailer Recovery (in the event of boat breakdown)

If your boat is towed to a port other than your port of departure by a volunteer marine rescue organisation, another boat or emergency services, we’ll provide a taxi or other transport to the value of $200 (incl. GST) to enable you to collect your vehicle and trailer and recover the boat (charges in excess of this limit are your responsibility).

Note: We reserve the right to obtain proof of towing and immobilisation of the boat prior to authorising this service.

Terms of Service

The services provided by Club Marine Assist are available on the basis that:

  • a) Vehicles, trailers and boats must be attended
  • b) Vehicles, trailers and boats must be registered
  • c) Vehicles, trailers and boats must be accessible by a two wheel drive vehicle
  • d) The vehicle, trailer or boat has not been immobilised by inappropriate or insufficient maintenance or repair or has not been immobilised intentionally or by negligence of the owner, driver or any other third party.

Club Marine Assist is provided by Club Marine Limited.

Assistance services are provided by AWP Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 097 227 177, trading as Allianz Global Assistance.

Club Marine Limited (Club Marine) ABN 12 007 588 347 AFSL No. 236916 is a related body corporate and issues boat insurance as agent of Allianz.

Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available on this website, or by phoning 1300 00 2582, before deciding if boat insurance is right for you.

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