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Mind Your Manners

A little courtesy and observing general boating etiquette go a long way to making everyone’s time on the water pleasant and safe.
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Feeling The Serenity
We explore the secluded boating and fishing Mecca of Mallacoota near the Vic/NSW border.
Turning the Tide
Australian professional sailor Liz Wardley is part of the Turn the Tide on Plastic team for the 2017‑18 Volvo Ocean Race, which will visit Melbourne around Christmas‑time.
Family Weekender
Another contender has entered the Australian market in the family cruiser segment.
Five Years On …
We catch up with Riviera’s Wes Moxey and Rodney Longhurst for a condition report on the luxury cruiser brand.
Living Light
Berry’s bobtail squid cultivate a symbiotic relationship with bacteria … to create light.
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Quintrex 430 Fishabout Pro Boat Review
Sheree Marris is on the water testing the new Quintrex 430 Fishabout Pro for Club Marine TV. This boat will suit couples buying their first boat, families who love riding biscuits or keen fishos chasing snapper and flathead. The 430 Fishabout can carry five passengers and is powered by a 60HP direct-injection two-stroke. Prices start in the low $20K.
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