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Safe and secure

There's more to anchoring than dropping the pick and hoping for the best - a few simple measures can help your pride and joy stay put at anchor.
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Quality and quantity
Whitehaven’s 6000 Enclosed Flybridge packs a lot of luxury and lifestyle into its spacious and robust hull.
Feathers and friends
Spectacular feather stars provide decorative sancturies to other marine organisms.
Flat out on flatheads
Flathead are one of the easiest species to catch just so long as you understand the basics.
Laid-back Langkawi
A sailing getaway to Malaysia’s Langkawi archipelago promises gorgeous tropical beaches and stunning vistas at every turn.
A boat for all occasions
Haines Hunter’s 585R is able to handle serious fishing, cruising or watersports activities with aplomb.
In the footsteps of the woolly mammoth
Russia’s Wrangel Island is a pretty desolate place, once home to the woolly mammoth, now a refuge for another threatened species – the polar bear.
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How to catch live bait with Al McGlashan

Using live bait is one of the most successful techniques for catching big fish. In this video Alistair McGlashan talks through where to find them, gear to use and techniques.
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